Tips & Instructions

For buses to Sidi Kaouki (run by ‘Lima Buses’), you need to make your way to Bab Doukkala, a large square just outside the medina walls . Once you get here, ignore everybody that attempts to ‘help you’, specifically if they’re a taxi driver – they will try to tell you that the next bus isn’t for two hours to get a fare. Instead, you need to look the stand that serves Lines 1 – 4. It has a very obvious sign, and clearly states that line 2 is heading to Sidi Kaouki. Buses run regularly throughout the day, with departures at 07.20, 09.10, 11.30, 13.30, 16.00 and 18.30. These buses take around 30 minute, and costs 7dh. You will be handed a small ticket when you pay, make sure you keep this as it will be collected by someone else later.

Although it’s never going to work out cheaper than the bus, if there’s a few of you and you’d prefer to avoid public transport, feel free to take up one of the Bab Doukkala chaps on their offer. It might take some haggling, but you should be able to negotiate him down to 15dhs/seat or rent the entire vehicle for 100dhs.