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Sidi Kaouki is a small town located 25 km south of Essaouira. It is a rural commune in Essaouira Province of the Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz region of Morocco. At the time of the 2004 census, the commune had a total population of 4335 people living in 902 households.[1]

Sidi Kaouki is fast becoming one of the most popular surf and wind surfing destinations in Morocco.[2] There a number of surf sports including beach breaks and reef breaks that produce punchy peaks and nice shaped waves.[3] It is also a great spot for kite surfing as the wind is stronger than some other nearby spots including Essaouira.[4]


Sidi Kaouki is an exposed beach break which has quite reliable surf and work anytime of the year. The wintertime sees the swell pick up, and this is the peak season for surfing around Sidi Kaouki.

The beaches tends to receive a mix of ground and wind swells, with offshore winds blowing from the east/south-east. The ideal swell direction is from the north-east and the beach breaks offer both lefts and rights. There are several good spots in the area, these include:

Sidi Kaouki Plage:

Sandy beach break, both left and right is very easy to access. Many beginners ride the white wash along the shore, with the more experienced surfers finding some nice shaped waves out the back. This break works best between 0.8 and 2.5m swell and either no wind or a light offshore. Best around high tide.


Reef-break, with rides going right and left, good when there is a bit of swell and not too much wind

La Grotte:

The biggest waves in the area, La Grotte has the potential to produce big clean waves suitable for short and long boarders if they are game! This spot is a few kilometers north of Sidi Kaouki and requires a 4WD to access or a bit of a walk.

La Couronne:

Nice, tubey waves and a beautiful location, not quite as big as La Grotte, and suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. A little closer than La Grotte, La Couronne still requires a 4WD and a walk, or a longer walk to get there.

Secret Spot:

Located one kilometer south of Sidi Kaouki this is a Point-break, right, big swell required, good for intermediate to advanced surfers as there can be powerful rips. This spot is accessible from Sidi Kaouki by car, 4WD, quad bike (available for hire) or walking.


Point-break, left, always working, long wave, awesome for longboarding/SUP, easy to paddle-out.

Imsouane (2 locations, about 80 minutes drive South):

The Bay- Sand bar, some swell required, clean, right, easy to surf, beginner/intermediate rider, good power, best for longboard, maybe the longest ride in Morocco with rides lasting one-two minutes when conditions are right.

The Cathedral- Beach break with several peaks, sandy with rock, left and right, fast/fun wave, always working, usually clean, spots for beginners and advanced rider, best for short-board, but works for longboard when the swell is small.


Point-break, left, big swell required, fast wave that is perfect for short-board riding.

Kite surfing[edit]

Sidi Kaouki is becoming a well known spot for kite surfing. It is nice for freeriding and is also a nice wavespot. Clean waves and strong winds make this a great place for ambitious wavekiters.[5]

Wind surfing[edit]

This has been a popular location for windsurfing for many years due to the consistent, strong winds combined with medium sized swell at the main beach (Sidi Kaouki Plage).

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)[edit]

This has become a very popular sport in Sidi Kaouki when then wind is low. There is often a good possibility for SUP rides to catch nice waves.

Around Sidi Kaouki[edit]

Cap Sim[edit]

The nearest village, this is the place to pass through on the way to La Grotte and La Couronne surf spots, and there is a carpark for surfers to leave their cars. There are also cafes and restaurants.


A popular day trip from Sidi Kaouki is to visit the waterfalls south of Sidi Kaouki. Approximately 3 hours walk on foot it is possible to hire camels, horses and local guides to show you this spot.

Berber Villages[edit]

Sidi Kaouki is surrounded by many small Berber villages, some connected by unsealed roads and others along the paved coastal road to the south.


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